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Pierogi in Bali

Home made, fresh, delicious Polish dumplings

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 Traditional & Modern Recipes

MEAT LOVERS: Nice to Meat You (beef), BBQ Chicken, RRRrendang (beef), Sanur Duck (duck), BabiGu (pork)

VEGETARIAN: FTP (potato & feta cheese), Broc&Cheese (broccoli & feta cheese), CauliMozz (cauliflower & mozzarella cheese), Popeye’s Choice (spinach & feta cheese)

VEGAN: 3M (button mushroom), The Wild Kraut (cabbage), No-Meat Meet (lentil), CCC (Chilli Corn & Coconut milk)

DESSERT: Curry Me Mango (mango & pineapple)


Our products.

Crafted only with the finest ingredients using recipes refined over months, our Pierogi are made with the spirit of tradition. Each Pierogi is handmade with love and includes Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan options. 

To add another layer of flavour, we’ve crafted some sauces as well – traditional caramelised onion sauce that adds richness to the dish, and for those who like a little spice we’ve included traditional “sambal”.

Pierogi are the perfect snack for your lunch on the go, but also a great dish to be shared at home with your loved ones. Boiled or pan-fried, topped with various sauces, there’s more than one way to enjoy Polish Pierogi!

about Pierogi Pierogi

We started Pierogi Pierogi as an homage to the tradition that our parents and grandparents had passed on to us from the generations before – a meal that brings people around the table. The making of Pierogi was a family affair, everyone would get involved in the process from rolling the dough to cooking them at the end. The Pierogi brings back memories of these family gatherings filled with laughter and togetherness. 

Inspired by these moments, we spent months developing the recipes for the perfect Pierogi. We traveled to the four corners of Poland and took our learnings to add our own modern twist to this traditional dish. By combining the old with the new, and in Indonesia bringing eastern tastes to western family recipes, we were able to craft the best Pierogi in town. 

Through Pierogi Pierogi we hope to share our passion for food, and share with you the magical experience and timeless flavours of Polish cuisine. 

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